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[texts]AK-47 Assault Rifle, Operator's Manual

Keywords: bolt; figure; rear; carrier; magazine; sight; firing; bayonet; remove; muzzle; driving spring; front sight; operating handle; gas cylinder; spring guide; muzzle nut; sight post; combination tool; blank firing; tube lock
Downloads: 1,931
[texts]Lee Enfield No.1 MKIII, No.3 MKI, No.4 MKI, No.5 MKI Rifle

Keywords: bolt; rifle; bore; hdy; spr; firing; solvent; rifles; firing pin; cartridge; spr rnn; hdy spp; win wlr; light coat; bolt head; win win; bolt handle; rem fed; gun oil
Downloads: 1,785
[texts]Ruger Mini-14 Rifle, Full-Auto Conversion

Keywords: sear; trigger; slide; rearward; pivot; disconnector; engages; hammer; tripping; secondary; trigger sear; secondary sear
Downloads: 1,403
[texts]U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit - Pistol Marksmanship Training Guide

Keywords: shooter; sight; trigger; pistol; firing; alignment; shooting; shot; eye; arc; rear sight; slow fire; sight alignment; front sight; minimum arc; rapid fire; trigger control; positive trigger; trigger pressure; trigger finger
Downloads: 1,218
[texts]Browning BOSS

Keywords: boss; rifle; barrel; win; mag; locknut; browning; fed; micrometer; win mag; bar mark; micrometer adjustment; boss equipped; rem mag; adjustment ring; hatch mark; trigger guard; rifle bore; mounting screw
Downloads: 1,180
[texts]Mosin-Nagant 1891, 1910, 1891-30, 1938 & 1944 Rifles, Carabines and Sniper Rifles

Keywords: rifle; carbine; rifles; carbines; sniper; bayonet; soviet; dragoon; rear; ordi; soviet rifles; sniper rifle; dragoon rifle; carbines identification; rear sight; bolt action; operating instructions; operation ordi; front sight; floor plate
Downloads: 1,169
[texts]Winchester Super X2 Shotgun

Keywords: magazine; bolt; barrel; super; choke; gun; trigger; tube; shotgun; remove; trigger group; choke tube; bolt slide; magazine spring; bolt assembly; repeating arms; slide link; gas piston; magazine tube; carrier release
Downloads: 1,110
[texts]Winchester 63 Rifle

Keywords: rifle; sleeve; model; winchester; gun; action; magazine; operating; rearward; figure; breech bolt; authorized repair; operating sleeve; serial number; magazine tube; loading port; takedown screw; rear sight; repeating arms; winchester avenue
Downloads: 990
[texts]Winchester 9422 Rifle

Keywords: hammer; model; rifle; winchester; extension; bolt; gun; sight; receiver; blade; sight blade; serial number; repeating arms; breech bolt; rear sight; bolt slide; blade holder; magazine tube; hammer extension; lever action
Downloads: 925
[texts]Kimber Model 82 Rifle

Keywords: trigger; rifle; screw; sear; adjustment; kimber; bolt; sight; engagement; rear; adjustment screw; trigger pull; kimber model; trigger assembly; sear engagement; butt plate; government rifle; rear sight; front sight; long rifle
Downloads: 821
[texts]M1 Carbine

Keywords: carbine; trigger; spring; rear; slide; operating; bolt; inspect; receiver; disconnector; operating slide; trigger housing; magazine catch; disconnector lever; rear sight; slide spring; front band; housing group; hand guard; recoil plate
Downloads: 798
Keywords: lever; bolt; selector; trigger; hammer; release; sear; catch; ruger; pivot; release lever; selector lever; trigger housing; pivot pin; full auto; firing pin; selector positioning; selector assembly; recoil spring; plunger spring
Downloads: 779
[texts]CVA Inline
CVA Inline
Keywords: cva; bolt; powder; pyrodex; barrel; breech; rifles; projectile; muzzleloading; blackpowder; breech plug; bolt action; powder charge; stag horn; pyrodex pellets; musket cap; valley arms; severe injury; ignition system; connecticut valley
Downloads: 725
[texts]Colt M1911 & M1911A1 Pistol

Keywords: pistol; slide; hammer; trigger; magazine; barrel; firing; recoil; spring; grip; recoil spring; safety lock; magazine catch; grip safety; firing pin; barrel link; trigger finger; spring plug; left side; barrel bushing
Downloads: 665
[texts]Browning BT-99 Plus Shotgun

Keywords: rib; browning; recoil; screw; barrel; gun; lever; adjustment; stock; forearm; cheek piece; recoil pad; top lever; stock adjustment; set screw; recoil reducer; choke tube; pad plate; rib elevator; steel shot
Downloads: 662
[texts]Browning Recoilless Trap Shotgun

Keywords: recoilless; browning; pad; gun; butt; barrel; shotgun; recoil; invector; firearm; drive spring; alien wrench; recoil pad; pad retainer; butt pad; pad shoe; invector choke; choke tube; recoilless shotgun; steel shot
Downloads: 641
[texts]Browning Auto-5 Magnum Shotgun

Keywords: gauge; magnum; barrel; gun; magazine; browning; shotgun; gauges; friction; tube; magazine tube; breech bolt; steel shot; invector choke; choke tube; barrel extension; aji gauges; friction rings; friction ring; recoil spring
Downloads: 629
[texts]Sten MK II Submachine Gun

Keywords: magazine; breech; tripping; lever; trigger; barrel; remove; catch; insert; block; breech block; tripping lever; barrel nut; cocking handle; magazine catch; lever pawl; single shot; return spring; magazine housing; trigger spring
Downloads: 569
[texts]Heckler & Koch HK P9S Pistol

Keywords: spring; bolt; pin; pistol; catch; trigger; slide; receiver; lever; magazine; compression spring; bolt head; firing pin; head carrier; pull bar; cylindrical pin; locking catch; front sight; countersunk screw; safety catch
Downloads: 557
[texts]M240 - Machine Gun Manual - TM 9-1005-313-10
M240 - Machine Gun Manual - TM 9-1005-313-10
Keywords: assembly; barrel; weapon; gun; machine; maintenance; firing; corrective; remove; procedures; machine gun; corrective action; maintenance procedures; blank firing; troubleshooting procedures; notify unit; usual conditions; place safety; national stock; flexible mount
Downloads: 529
[texts]Armalite AR-18 (AR-180) Assault Rifle

Keywords: bolt; rifle; trigger; sight; pin; carrier; receiver; firing; magazine; barrel; bolt carrier; charging handle; selector lever; rear sight; firing pin; lower receiver; preventive maintenance; hand guard; front sifht; special tools
Downloads: 515
[texts]Garand M1 Rifle

Keywords: rifle; trigger; garand; rear; sight; rod; bolt; operating; barrel; cylinder; operating rod; gas cylinder; fighting garand; rear sight; trigger housing; elevating knob; cylinder lock; trigger guard; front sight; rod handle
Downloads: 478
[texts]Heckler & Koch G3 Assault Rifle, Instructions for Mainenance and Repair

Keywords: heckler; ijk; instructions; lever; maintenance; koch; operation; butt; spring; bolt; maintenance instructions; recoil spring; manual heckler; ijk maintenance; butt stock; cocking lever; spare parts; spring guide; lever housing; retractable butt
Downloads: 472
[texts]CZ-52 Pistol

Keywords: magazine; barrel; spring; recoil; slide; trigger; pin; pistol; hammer; weapon; takedown latch; slide assembly; roller cam; bottom plate; recoil spring; plate extension; trigger bar; magazine bottom; hold open; firing pin
Downloads: 447
[texts]Thompsoncenter Black Diamond
Thompsoncenter Black Diamond
Keywords: powder; ffg; muzzleloader; muzzleloading; firearm; striker; caliber; bullet; breech; projectile; black powder; powder charge; muzzleloading firearm; breech plug; striker handle; natural lube; musket cap; serious injury; muzzle velocity; grain bullet
Downloads: 432
[texts]Hk Mp5 ARmorers Manual
Hk Mp5 ARmorers Manual
Keywords: bolt; trigger; locking; heckler; armorers; spring; instruction; lever; international; impulse; training division; armorers instruction; international training; instruction heckler; trigger group; locking piece; bolt head; submachine gun; bolt group; recoil spring
Downloads: 432
[texts]Heckler & Koch HK G3 Assault Rifle

Keywords: bolt; lever; firing; trigger; locking; pin; spring; barrel; magazine; bolt head; firing pin; trigger lever; loading lever; head carrier; pin spring; butt stock; safety pin; locking piece; recoil spring
Downloads: 417
[texts]Thompsoncenter Thunder Hawk
Thompsoncenter Thunder Hawk
Keywords: powder; muzzleloading; firearm; bore; ffg; striker; caliber; shooter; bullet; thunderhawk; black powder; striker handle; natural lube; powder charge; muzzleloading firearm; patch material; serious injury; round ball; factory lubricated; cap lock
Downloads: 387
[texts]Beretta 92F 9MM Pistol

Keywords: spring; pistol; trigger; slide; pin; maintenance; hammer; firing; receiver; recoil; firing pin; trigger bar; recoil spring; intermediate direct; pin block; direct support; maintenance procedures; locking block; receiver assembly; evacuate pistol
Downloads: 376
[texts]Thompsoncenter Firehawk
Thompsoncenter Firehawk
Keywords: powder; muzzleloading; firearm; bore; ffg; caliber; striker; shooter; bullet; fire; black powder; fire hawk; natural lube; powder charge; muzzleloading firearm; striker handle; patch material; round ball; thumb safety; serious injury
Downloads: 370
[texts]Ruger Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, Bisley, Hunter & Vaquero Revolver.

Keywords: cylinder; hammer; revolver; grip; blackhawk; trigger; models; frame; sight; ruger; grip frame; super blackhawk; front sight; rear sight; ejector housing; cylinder latch; transfer bar; base pin; stainless steel; stainless models
Downloads: 358
[texts]Interarms Mkx
Interarms Mkx
Keywords: trigger; screw; magnum; rear; bolt; standard; spring; magazine; sight; windage; rear sight; front sight; bolt sleeve; magazine plate; firing pin; sight holder; plate catch; double trigger; butt plate; winchester magnum
Downloads: 355
[texts]SIG P226

Keywords: lever; trigger; magazine; hammer; slide; pin; firing; safety; spring; insert; firing pin; decocking lever; trigger bar; slide catch; magazine catch; safety lock; main spring; safety lever; locking insert; catch lever
Downloads: 349
[texts]CVA Optima Elite
CVA Optima Elite
Keywords: cva; optima; elite; powder; barrel; warranty; breech; muzzleloading; rifle; optima elite; firearm; warranty book; elite warranty; severe injury; breech plug; firing pin; transfer bar; cva optima; book pantone; smokeless powder
Downloads: 343
[texts]Safari Arms 1911 Enforcer & Matchmaster Pistol

Keywords: slide; barrel; recoil; spring; link; rod; bushing; pistol; guide; cartridge; slide forward; dry patch; recoil spring; spring cap; barrel link; guide rod; firing pin; flip barrel; barrel bushing; bore brush
Downloads: 340
[texts]Winchester 70 Rifle

Keywords: bolt; model; firing; breech; rifle; magazine; cartridge; gun; pin; safety; firing pin; breech bolt; rear sight; repeating arms; bolt handle; sight blade; bolt sleeve; winchester model; serial number; arms company
Downloads: 336
[texts]Franchi 48Al
Franchi 48Al
Keywords: magazine; bolt; friction; forend; spring; gun; recoil; trigger; barrel; ring; friction ring; operating handle; magazine spring; governor ring; retaining ring; carrier latch; magazine tube; latch button; heavy loads; trigger assembly
Downloads: 329
[texts]FN Mauser Model 98 Rifle and Carbine

Keywords: bolt; trigger; cocking; firing; spring; rear; pin; sight; guard; groove; firing pin; cocking piece; bolt plug; hand guard; trigger guard; magazine cover; cover plate; rear sight; trigger bar; sight tangent
Downloads: 328
[texts]Browning Buck Mark 22 Pistol

Keywords: sight; buck; pistol; browning; recoil; screw; magazine; slide; figure; buck mark; sight base; pro target; rear sight; base screw; open latch; hand shooter; recoil guide; sight hood; manual thumb
Downloads: 326
[texts]Jchiggins 60
Jchiggins 60
Keywords: cartridge; trigger; higgins; spring; model; bead front; action; bolt; pin; gun; guard; trigger guard; cartridge lifter; safety button; automatic action; sight bead; guard retaining; front sight; action bar; ventilated rib
Downloads: 324
[texts]Ruger Mark I Target & Standard Model Pistol

Keywords: lhe; pistol; cartridge; ihc; bolt; magazine; firearm; ruger; gun; long rifle; automatic pistol; standard model; ruger automatic; magnum caliber; grip frame; turn screw; hammer strut; gnp frame; cleaning rod
Downloads: 314
[texts]Winchester 52B Rifle

Keywords: bolt; rifle; winchester; model; magazine; cleaning; gun; receiver; figure; safety; repeating arms; scope mount; serial number; winchester figure; trigger system; winchester model; serious personal; cocking indicator; bolt handle; bolt action
Downloads: 314
[texts]Ruger Single Six & Bisley Revolver

Keywords: models; hammer; bisley; cylinder; revolver; grip; blued; frame; trigger; stainless; blued models; grip frame; stainless models; bisley models; model single; base pin; cylinder latch; transfer bar; single action; latch spring
Downloads: 300
[texts]FN-FAL Assault Rifle

Keywords: gas; trigger; spring; breech; pin; magazine; rifle; rear; butt; replace; sling swivel; gas cylinder; breech block; open device; regulator sleeve; cocking handle; pistol grip; gas regulator; holding open; return springs
Downloads: 290
[texts]Browning Auto-5 Light Shotgun

Keywords: magazine; gauge; barrel; browning; shotgun; friction; gauges; gun; tube; magnum; recoil spring; friction piece; magazine tube; choke tube; breech bolt; bronze friction; operating handle; invector choke; friction ring; steel shot
Downloads: 286
[texts]Anschutz 1416-1516
Anschutz 1416-1516
Keywords: sie; und; vous; rifle; votre; oder; est; das; die; votre arme; wenn sie; sie die; ihr gewehr; anschutz gmbh; votre carabine; ihre waffe; dab sie; vergewissern sie; quand vous
Downloads: 278
[texts]Winchester 9410 Shotgun

Keywords: hammer; magazine; model; shotgun; gun; finger; manual; chamber; winchester; position; manual hammer; sling post; finger lever; rear sight; magazine tube; hammer extension; winchester model; post mounting; forearm cap; repeating arms
Downloads: 275
[texts]MG34 TME9-206A Machine Gun

Keywords: gun; machine; ammunition; feed; bolt; dual; bullet; tripod; belt; cartridge; machine gun; dual purpose; purpose machine; feed cover; pointed bullet; cocking handle; tripod mount; steel core; leading belt; uncover letter
Downloads: 275
[texts]U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit - M-14 Rifle Accurization

Keywords: illustration; trigger; hammer; rifle; epoxy; gas; suppressor; cylinder; guard; spindle; contact point; trigger housing; gas cylinder; national match; hand guard; hammer spring; operating rod; spindle valve; lower band; phosphate coating
Downloads: 269
[texts]Browning Gold Shotgun

Keywords: magazine; browning; bolt; trigger; shotgun; gun; piston; barrel; spring; firearm; magazine spring; gold shotgun; trigger guard; magazine tube; bolt assembly; magazine cap; spring retainer; trigger group; invector choke; choke tube
Downloads: 268
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